My Business Received an ADA Web Accessibility Demand Letter, What do I do Next?

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Are you facing legal action due to non-compliance with ADA guidelines pertaining to your website? If so, you’re not alone. In recent years, ADA Title III lawsuit numbers have skyrocketed and are being pursued against thousands of businesses across the United States, and thousands throughout Florida alone. In fact, there are 5 states in the country in which 95% of all ADA lawsuits have been filed, Florida is one of them. If you’re wondering what steps to take now, rest assured. ADA Lawsuits Florida™ is here to guide you towards positive change for your impaired website and potentially mitigate related costs and most importantly, avoid repeat suits, as 21% of the 2,235-total sued in 2019 alone were sued multiple times. The time to act is now and you must act quickly, with the help of a knowledgeable team who is up-to-date on the W.C.A.G. 2.1 and can bring your website into compliance as rapidly as possible.

Step 1: Contact legal counsel (ADA Lawsuits Florida™). When you are involved in a legal matter, the first step is to seek legal counsel. The quicker you seek legal counsel, could very well mean keeping legal costs lower.

Step 2: More than likely, the demand letter you received is the product of automated accessibility scans generated by the plaintiff. No matter the merit, you need to start the process of responding as quickly as possible and prepare yourself accordingly;

  • Contact us at ADA Lawsuits Florida™, which is comprised of qualified individuals who can offer legal counsel and a knowledgeable web development team to conduct an accessibility audit of your website.
  • Once the accessibility issues are identified, we need to begin to address and correct non-compliance. While upgrades are being done to your website, an accessibility statement can be added to your website to promote and assure users of your current efforts to address accessibility and usability issues.

Step 3: Respond to the demand letter, now that evaluation and remediation is underway, and you have a team well-versed in ADA law and compliance standing with you, your well on your way to ensuring your website can be in compliance with WCAG 2.1.

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Attorney Legal Resource Package

Starting at $545*
  1. Initial response to ADA compliance letter if you recieved one.
  2. Evaluation/Consultation regarding ADA website accessibility. 3 per year (30 mins each)
  3. Notifications on ADA website accessibility if major changes occur within 12 months.
  4. ADA Tax Credit evaluation assistance. (up to $5,000 credit)
  5. Includes up to 3 hours of legal services within 12 months.
*Small to midsize websites and/or companies. Large websites and/or companies are an additional charge. You will receive an estimate once we evaluate your individual situation.

ADA Web Accessibility Demand Letter Form

NOTICE: This website is designed to assist Florida Businesses and Residents with ADA compliance for websites. We recommend checking with an attorney in your state before making any decisions based on the information presented on this website.